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I bought a bang from Voguewigs and they sent the wrong item. I returned the item but they are saying that it is missing a hair pin so they are acceppting the return item at 50% charge to me.

So they want to bill me another $24 prior to sending the correct piece. This will make the bang price over $50. Great way to make money! It seems that this could be the way they are making money.

All they have to do is send you the incorrect item, then when returned at your own expense they tell you that they believe it was not in the same new condition so they can charge more money. I kept the item two days until I had the time to go to the Postal Office - I walked three blocks to return the item they sent me by mistake...their mistake!

What a nice way to steal from hard working people. The federal government needs to watch these individuals.

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Same scenario here from Vogue Wigs! I sent an item back, UNOPENED!, mind you, and they told me it was used, and refused ANY credit at ALL!

I have prof I sent it back the day after I got it. I as well filed with paypal, and received a refund, strongly suggest you get your wigs in a shop and not at it seems problematic and they are so, so rude!


They said they sent my item but it never arrived so I filed a dispute with Visa! They never replied to them so I got a refund.

They replied to ME only one time when I asked about my order, and the email said, "we will not ship another wig as you have already received as ordered and your little scam will not work with us, you cheap ***"

NICE! They need to be shut down!

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #145387

I just got burned by Vogue wigs. They sent me my first ordered wig.

I liked it and kept it. They sent the second one I ordered. By then I had read the return policy so my husband and I opened it very carefully, lifted up the tissue paper and it was the wrong color. I carefully put the tissue paper down, never once having touched the wig.

I put the wig box back in the shipping box and surrounded it with packing material so the box would not shift. I received an email yesterday telling me that the wig arrive in terrible condition. The net was off the wig, the tissue paper was missing. Common, I wasn't born yesterday.

I argued with them all day and finally told them to send the wig back to me. I'd rather give it to the cancer ladies near our house than let them keep it only to send it out again to another unsuspecting customer. I don't know what my next step is going to be. We have a lot of lawyers in our family so I'll figure it out.

I actually, after I accused them of scamming me, had to approve a $6.95 shipping fee for them to return it. How brazen can they get and I had to do it, I'll have proof of it. Don't every buy a wig from Vogue Wigs.

You can get the same from Wilshire wigs for at least 20 bucks less per wig and they have a fabulous return policy. AND, you can try on the wig.

to London20 Montreal, Quebec, Canada #710662

Thanks for posting. I was about to order from Voguewigs.

Not anymore.

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